Corporate Information

Diagnostic Lab Corporation (DLC) is a Food and Agriculture Safety holding company. Utilizing multi-strategies, proprietary food technology and medical science, DLC ensures product quality, safety and truth in labeling for all ingestible products. DLC, through its subsidiary Dirigo Food Safety provides audits, advisory and certifications. DLC also maintains research partnerships, created the first ISO compliant certification in Hemp, and developed global solutions for physical, chemical and microbial risk. The DLC mission is to ensure quality, safe creation and consumption from farm-to-table.

DLC was formed in January 2014 after understanding the significant issue of safety in Food and Agriculture. During the next year, DLC developed and acquired Intellectual Property that incorporated established protocols. DLC established several critical partnerships with Bio and Nano technology firms as well as agricultural research in California and Israel. The R & D lead to a working partnership that addresses the serious problem of microbial risk in water, soil, and air as well as several biotechnology initiatives.

In 2016 DLC initiated an exclusive audit services agreement with a reinsurance platform that is providing liability, crop and product loss. DLC acquired Dirigo Food Safety, an established Food and Quality Assurance business located in Yarmouth, Maine. Dirigo provides critical audits, certifications and education. Dirigo also has patented technology that addresses a significant problem with quality meats. This solution is being marketed globally.

DLC is currently expanding its safety umbrella to include the critical demand for water, soil, air, and environmental testing.